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2023 TCC Results

The first year of company`s operation is ended so it`s time to sum up the results of 2023 year. The results are more than impressive!

No cream and sweeteners (no lyrics), just facts:
  • About 2000 solved cases with 99,95% SLA KPI!
  • Almost 200 acceptance certificates signed!
  • Over 60 projects have been developed – it`s more than 1 project in a week.
Company`s infrastructure:
  • Our own IT-infrastructure is being developed and deployed entirely by TCC expertise
  • All internal company`s rules, policies and functions of support are formed
  • IT-accreditation obtained
Incredible – from the ground up to industry-leading company just in a year! 2024 definitely will be the year of constant growth, stability increase and the year of fresh ideas, projects and lines of business!
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