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Q1-Q2’2023 results and achievements.

Six months flew by as quick as a lightning and it’s the right time to summarize Q1-Q2’2023 results and achievements.

The main one – we’ve secured the teams, kept the best competencies with us, we have taken the best of existing expertise and built-up more than a company. We’ve made a family – based on the real values, focusing on its family members. We put the train on the track understanding the route, intermediate stops and strategic direction where the train should go.

There was nothing here, in LinkedIn, since beg. of Jan’2023. Why? Because TCC follows the Pareto rule – focusing on the priority tasks which give major output. Marketing is needed but to a certain extent - TCC is known within the key industry players and has already demonstrated the professionalism in action. Customer trust is a major goal and TCC commitment is something which can’t be compromised. We are sure in result as the commitment is made based on the clear understanding of the task and knowing exact steps to be done to reach the target.

Anyway, performance of the whole team was so high that it should be a crime to keep it only within the company. All big mobile CSPs have trusted their networks to TCC and made the right decision - more then 1000 (one thousand!) tickets were solved within 6 months. ALL within SLA’s and all by our OWN resources exclusively.

We were/are/will be with our Customers 24x7 with the target to be far beyond expectations.

And what can be more motivating – all our customers confirm that they don’t see any service quality decrease in 2023 vs 2022, but they see the solution speed & feedback are increased! Just amazing – great job, TCC-team, congratulations with these Customer evaluations!

Equator of the year is behind and much more now is in front of us – to maintain a high level of professionalism at technical support and execute the long list of projects already secured as well as developing new ambitious opportunities!

So, see you! Always in touch!
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